OPC Data Manager

OPC Data Manager

Although OPC is a standard, it only supports communications between OPC servers and OPC
clients. If data needs to be transferred from one OPC server to another or from one OPC client to
another, standard OPC is insufficient. Matrikon OPC™ Data Manager is an OPC client designed to
provide a solution for these OPC connectivity problems. MatrikonOPC Data Manager allows you to
link OPC-compliant servers so that data changes on one server can be transmitted (i.e., mirrored)
to another server.

Is fully OPC DA 1.0a, 2.0 and 3.0 compliant

Supports both COM and DCOM

Can run as a Windows NT service or as a normal application

Enables easy and efficient retransmission of data among OPC servers

Allows this data to be viewed as it is updated

Provides DDE and OPC server functionality

Performs extensive error tracking and management

Supports redundancy operation (Versions 4.0 and up)