OPC Security Gateway

Complete security for OPC architectures. MatrikonOPC Security Gateway gives you reliable and intuitive security to optimize your operations!

MatrikonOPC Security Gateway secures all real-time OPC architectures. Unlike OPC solutions that rely only on DCOM security, Security Gateway controls who can browse, add, read and/or write to a tag on a per-user-per tag basis on any OPC DA server. Fully standards-based for maximum compatibility, the Security Gateway implements the OPC Foundation’s OPC Security specification.

Supporting all vendor compliant OPC DA servers, MatrikonOPC Security Gateway fills security gaps in real-time OPC architectures. Easily transform any real-time OPC architecture from a security liability to an effective component of a successful defense strategy.

Secures entire real-time OPC architectures

Hides OPC Servers from unauthorized users

Enforces role-based security

Fully compliant with the latest OPC Foundation Security Specification

Compatible with all OPC DA clients and servers, regardless of vendor

OPC Tunneller enabled – natively supports Matrikon OPC Tunneller client connections

Existing systems can be secured without going offline

Secures entire real-time OPC architectures