AVEVA-System Platform

AVEVA System Platform

System Platform is the world’s only responsive, scalable solution for supervisory, SCADA, HMI, and IIoT applications that integrates the process with the enterprise. System Platform provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes, and assets across all facilities for continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support.

AVEVA-System Platform

AVEVA-System Platform

AVEVA System Platform Features

With Operations Management Interface (OMI) visualization tools, responsive HMI development abilities, and modern device extensibility, AVEVA System Platform is a powerful operations foundation for any industrial organization.

Future-Proof Investment with Architectural Flexibility

Simply drag and drop to deploy objects on to another machine and scale up from a single box solution to client-server to multi-tiered deployment without re-engineering the solution. You can easily scale as your business grows. Multi-tiering levels of Historian allows full fidelity of real-time data between the SCADA control network and Business network with total architectural flexibility, yet with secure domain isolation between the two networks.

Intelligent Alarm Management

Make it easier for operators to focus on the most relevant process information on their screen at all times. AVEVA System Platform reveals proactive steps to minimize or avoid problems and unscheduled shutdowns instead of reacting from alarm to alarm. Analysis of historical alarm data provides the ability to quickly analyze alarm patterns and identify nuisance and ‘bad actor’ alarms that can lead to operator distractions.

Model-driven Contextual View

Enables enterprise-wide standardization and a single version of the truth by managing all operating data. A common infrastructure that normalizes and contextualizes real-time process, alarms & events and historical archived data in disparate business systems around a common information model that is relevant to all functional teams company-wide. This makes the design and maintenance more efficient, flexible and secure.

Modern Visualization Beyond HMI

Operations Management Interface (OMI) is the world’s first responsive operations visualization framework, a revolutionary new way to build rich, modern user experiences across all device formats with simple and re-usable content. Forget about rebuilding or re-engineering applications for multiple HMI screens. Configure applications once and deploy actionable content anywhere on any device. OMI’s resolution-independence means your applications look just as nice on a smartphone as they do on a high definition TV.

Situational Awareness & Industrial Graphics Library

Intelligent pre-built graphics content that is adaptable, configurable, and incorporates situational awareness concepts; so users don’t need to be an expert in situational awareness theory to successfully apply it in their HMI designs. AVEVA System Platform increases usability across devices and provides multi-touch and gesture controls such as panning & zooming, clutter & declutter of graphical layers for a detailed view of the process.

Unparalleled Engineering Simplicity

AVEVA System Platform makes it a breeze for engineers and technology teams to implement and maintain an operations platform that maximizes the reuse and distribution of engineering content. This rapid change management aligns with agile business needs and evolving technology drivers, while automatically propagating changes systematically across projects to reduce risk and total cost of ownership.