AVEVA-Predictive Analytics- Early Warning

Predictive Asset Analytics
Through your HMI and SCADA systems, your organization has already experienced the impact that meaningful data has on your daily operations. Realtime information, displayed in context, means your personnel can easily identify abnormal conditions, focus their attention immediately on problems, and interact with your machinery from anywhere in the world. Your assets are continually generating huge amounts of information, but how much of this data do you miss? How much do you not see, not interpret, and not use? By reading and responding to this data effectively, you can get much more out of what you already have. Asset Performance Management helps you streamline your processes, increase reliability, reduce downtime, and achieve asset performance excellence.

Data Analysis

Predictive Asset Analytics includes a variety of advanced statistical and model-based comparison applications and business intelligence tools that enable users to spend less time searching for potential problems. Users have the ability to view the raw training data, results of the model, compare the performance of similar assets of the same type, and view the effects of alerts. The statistical applications interpret the data using visual representations so that data scientists and equipment experts are not required to interpret the results. Predictive Asset Analytics is equipped with fault diagnostics capabilities to help the user determine the cause of the identified abnormality and how to avoid it in the future. Diagnostic ability reduces the likelihood that an engineer will attribute abnormal operating conditions to the wrong variable.

Calculation Engine

The software includes an advanced calculation engine that provides the ability to develop simple and complex calculations to create pseudo or ‘virtual’ points. The results of these calculations can be used in Predictive Asset Analytics models, allowing for greater system flexibility. The calculations can automatically backcalculate, making historical data available for the monitoring period before the current calculation was created.

Transient Module

The Predictive Asset Analytics Transient Module provides the ability for online monitoring of abnormal conditions during a transient, such as startups and shutdowns. Predictive Asset Analytics is also able to automatically identify previous transient events from the historian, which is useful for comparisons.


Predictive Asset Analytics software integrates with existing enterprise security systems. The system supports single sign on authentication, and administrators have the ability to limit user access rights and editing privileges at a granular level.

Monitoring & Diagnostic Services

AVEVA offers comprehensive monitoring and diagnostic services remotely or on-site. We can train you to deploy, maintain and monitor your own models, or we can do the monitoring for you. Our team of experienced engineers can assist you with every step of the process from model training, to diagnostics, to best practices.